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Sexy Mother Fucked Son And Daughter #2 | I got up off the couch and told him, I want you to get ready for bed now.

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I am going to let you sleep with me and take me again if you want me during the night. Did you like my love making, Laura?, he asked, using my name for the first time.

Well, you know that I did love it, but after this night we will never do this again. You sort of forced yourself on me up to a point and you shouldnt do that to any woman.

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It could get you in trouble later on and besides, most women cant take that horse dick you have hung on you. Laura, we are going to do it after tonight, he bragged.

Porn Novel Sexy Mother Fucked Son And Daughter #2

I am going to give you this horse cock every time I get a chance. I knew that was true. I could hardly wait to have him inside me again.

My own son had made me his sex slave. As I put on my sexiest nightie to get ready for bed I thought, Why on earth am I bothering to put this on? Jimmy is just going to get it off in nothing flat, but I knew that the nightgown would further entice him.

I put my most expensive perfume on in the key spots and applied it a bit heavier than usual and entered the bedroom from my dressing area, leaving the light on behind me so that he could see through my nightie a little.

He was already in bed with the covers back and I could see had a hard on and was waiting for me. This time I had the ky Jelly ready so it would slip in a little easier, but I knew that, once it was inside my hot vagina, I wouldnt need any further lubrication.

Jimmy took me into his arms and began kissing me lovingly. I let him lead for awhile, but I knew he wouldnt expect what I would do next! I took his hard cock in my hand and gently stroked it as I began kissing his breast nipples and moved on down on his body until my lips reached the head of his manhood.

As I took the hard dick into my mouth I heard him exclaim, Laura, oh. God Laura do it, baby! That feels so Good. Owhh! Suck me, Mother! I knew that I had broken down any psychological barrier with him that may have existed and that he would now feel free to do anything he wanted with me.

I stopped just short of letting him cum down my throat, not wanting to risk that he might not be able to get it up for the third time in the same short time frame.

I wanted that dick back in my hot pussy and I wanted it quick! I eased myself up to the position I needed and mounted him. He quickly got the idea that this time I was going to do the fucking and helped guide his hot throbbing dick still wet with my saliva into my man pleasing cavern! I sat down on it hard enough to push it deep on the first thrust and he thrust up to me as I moved up and down on his ready penis gradually increasing the penetration and velocity.

Finally I was really getting into it and every time he thrust up to get me, I was slamming him back down hard on the bed and screwing him when our groins met.

Unable to stand the control I had, he threw a leg out and rolled on top of me. He then bit my neck and put his penis even deeper into me than I had it.

Laura, That was some good stuff you just did for me and I want to do it for you! He began stroking the full length of his cock almost coming out before he applied all of the down force he could muster to sink it home.

The nerves in my pussy were feeling every little surface of his venous cock as it traveled back and forth across them. I reached an orgasm like nothing I had ever had in my life.

I nearly passed out and was gasping for breath as he laid the pipe which was about to carry his hot cum and spew it deep into my pussy! owhh, I moaned, get me Jimmy! I want you to cum inside me again to make sure I carry your baby when this night is over! Im getting ready to cum now, Laura.

With that I felt him deeper than he had ever been and the hot semen began spurting from his throbbing cock. Take this, Baby, he whispered into my ear, Oh, I am getting it, Jimmy.

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I could feel every one of the pulses until he began to loose his hardness and my vaginal muscles were instinctively milking his dick for all it could deliver.

Laura, Youre wonderful. I love you, Laura! He pulled out and moved his mouth down to a very wet pussy and I felt his curled tongue go around my clit.

He manipulated from the clit and moving into my vagina and I was beginning to feel hot again. I pulled his head hard against my pussy and he ate me until I felt like I was going to pass out again.

Surely he cant do it again, I thought. But when I moved to pull his penis to my lips, I could feel it was getting ready for me yet again! I applied my special technique with my tongue under his cock and he grew brick hard almost at once.
Porn Novel Sexy Mother Fucked Son And Daughter #2

  • He reached for the ky and put some around my ass. no! I almost shouted! I have never done that! He didnt say anything but inserted his index finger into my asshole getting me loosened up to take the big one! Please, I begged, dont fuck me there.
  • He pulled me up onto my knees, pushed my head down and got on his knees where the match was perfect to get into my anus. He ignored my scream when he forced the head into me.
  • God, it was hurting and he was pulling me onto his ragging cock. Youre going to like this, Laura He put it deeper still and I realized that I had sustained the maximum pain and I was beginning to understand what some of my girlfriends were saying about pain-pleasure.
  • I stammered, I am starting to like it some. He really shoved it home then! I screamed, Jimmy, you bastard, youre hurting me. Youre hurting me bad. He pulled me even closer to his groin depressing my ass cheeks against him.

I felt like I was going to die with pain, but I wanted it more. Finally he was actually fucking me in the ass and I was backing up against him to get it.

He fucked me harder and harder and I was down off my knees taking all of him while flat on my stomach! This time when his cum hit me it came out of my ass and ran onto the bed.

He pulled out and I made him go to his room because I had to clean myself and the bed! When my husband came home at 5:00 am, I pretended to be asleep but left my right leg up in the missionary position.

He was expecting a lecture, but I woke up and accidentally let my hand fall on his dick. I woke that part of him up enough for him to want me to suck him off.

I got it going that way, but when it was just hard enough, I put it inside me! He was so drunk that he went sleep in me and never shot his wad, if that is, he had a wad left in him after those other women.

Tube Novel Sexy Mother Fucked Son And Daughter #2

Anyway, I had achieved my objective. If I turned up pregnant later in the month, he would never know any difference. I got up Saturday morning and began my chores.

Jimmy came in and after I got him off into the laundry room I gave him a big good morning kiss! After your Dad leaves, I winked. He grinned and nodded.

We ate breakfast and around ten oclock I was doing the laundry when Jimmy came up behind me and hugged me around my waist. He was horny and ready, but I said, Not until your dad leaves.

He ignored me again and raised my dress. I had no panties on and he began rubbing my clit with the head of his Johnson. Although I leaned over on the washer to help facilitate the advance, I said not now! Jimmy turned me around, picked me up and sat me on the washer! The height was like it was designed just for us! He put his dick on the washer and pulled me right onto it! Pulling my buttocks to the edge, he could give it his all.

He rotated his butt as he stuck it to me like a boar hog with his auger bit dick getting a sows pussy. I knew I couldnt make noise! He took full advantage of his position and I was even more excited than before as I could look down and see the tremendous cock move in and out of me.

I am going to measure that thing, I thought to myself. If it is as long and big as I think, Im going to be mad as hell that I cant brag to my girl friends about getting it.

He was in control more this morning and paused a couple of times to prevent premature ejaculation. As I reached my first orgasm and was restrained by Jimmy’s hands pulling my ass tight against his manhood, I felt a special hot flash come over me and I knew this was it.

The time was now and I couldnt wait for him to plant his baby in me. cum Jimmy, I softly moaned. Fuck me harder! Fuck me. fuck me! Here it comes, Mother, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, Youre going to put a baby in me.

I can feel it, I almost yelled out forgetting my husband was asleep in our bedroom! Jimmy shoved it into me as deeply as he ever had and growled, Take it this baby now, Mother.

He pulled me so tightly against him that his grip on the cheeks of my ass was hurting me and I felt the sperm hitting me time and time again.

I think he must put about 8 spurts in me before I could feel him weakening. He wouldnt release me one bit and all of a sudden he reached the control on the washer hitting the spin cycle.

The Whirlpool did its thing on me. I have never felt anything like that before or since. I knew I was knocked up! Finally he pulled the limp dick from me and I still sat on the washer because I was too weak to stand from the fucking he had put on me! I heard his Dad in the bathroom and we quickly had to compose ourselves and get out of the laundry.

When Jimmy left on Sunday we vowed never to say anything to anyone about our love making! It remains a secret to this day and his sister doesnt know that he is really her dad!

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